February News for our members… And Friends…

On February 14th, we held our Valentines Day Dinner at the VFW Post 12108. What a meal. Good food, live music and good service. A big thanks to all who made this possible. All the ladies received corsages . Flags were mounted on the steaks showing who it belonged to.

Beatty, Nv.

Beatty, Nv.

Beatty, Nv.

The kitchen is finally completed this month. A new menu has been created by Chef Julia and offers a variety of goodies. Want to know what’s on it?? Stop by and find out. If your not a member of the post, you will be allowed to sign in as a Guest. If your a Veteran, why not join our membership and support our Post.


 We are expanding the size of our post for the future. Land is being acquired to allow this.


 A big thanks to Valley Electric for their donations to the Post and electrical work.  It is greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget to pick up our Beatty cookbook $12. It’s Great.. A nice ring binder to make using the book in the kitchen easy.

A shortage of Doctors in the V.A. System.. ?

Everyone knows there is a shortage of Doctors in the V.A. system causing long delays in treatments and appointments. Here is a solution. All students who apply for federal loans to be a doctor, should be required to do 4 years of service in the military after graduation. A year of service, 10% credit deduction on the federal loan. If less than 4 years, a 5% deduction for each year served. Less than 2 years service, you still owe it all. It’s time to serve your country… Same plan for Nurses too. Why not.

Posted by a person who cares.. Angelo Senary

Some News for our members…And Friends…

News for our members…And Friends…
1. A Free Christmas Dinner will be served at the Post on Christmas Day starting at 14:00 (2:pm).
2. Valentine’s Day Dinner preps are in the works, $30 per person, advance tickets will be available soon.
3. Post needs storage space for donated items to be used at the next yard sale in June. Please let us know if you can help.
4. Auxiliary Cookbooks are in and available for sale at the Post, $12 each.