Post Minutes May 2015


Date Meeting held: 14 May 2015
Location of Meeting: Post 12108
Opened in due form Time opened: 18:24
Members present: 8 Guests present: 0

Roll Call of Officers, elected appointed
Commander, George Wehrly X Adjutant, Bill Marker X
Sr. Vice Commander, Mike Watkins E Service Officer, John Holden E
Jr. Vice Commander, Russell Osmun E OOD, Bill Davis E
Quartermaster, Richard Gardner X Judge Advocate, Karl Olsen X
Chaplain, CJ Veach X Surgeon, Dan Sanders E

Trustee 1 year, Bob Mitchell E
Trustee 2 year, Joe Moorehead E
Trustee 3 year, Dave Carlin E
X = Present E = Excused

A quorum was present at the start of the meeting.
Applications for Membership Approved:

1. Harry Friend.
2. Chad Marchand.
3. Jeremy McGarity.
Quartermaster Report:

Old Balance: $8,535.90 New Balance: $7,519.06
Old Business:

1. Karl was successful on getting Poker Run permit for 17 October.
2. Post Chaplin Jim Veach reported he briefed students and teachers at Beatty High School and Middle School on Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen Program. All were enthusiastic about getting the program started.
New Business:

1. Dick Ruiz from goldfield attended House Committee meeting to request Beatty VFW operate a beer stand during Goldfield days, first weekend in August. Members unanimously agreed to do a beer stand/recruiting booth. Dick tasked with purchasing a jokey box and testing before Goldfield days. Post must pay $25 for beer/booze permit, and $15 for power. Cotton will be Grand Marshal in parade. Dick Ruiz said he will donate military service flags he purchased for parade to the Beatty VFW. Dick Ruiz also requested we try to get as many Beatty Vets in the parade as possible.
2. Members discussed the need for Post banners to use for events. Possibly Janda ribbons or beer distributors can provide, more to follow.
Good of the Order:

1. Members present agreed to use Cactus Jim’s boat in the Beatty 4th of July parade as a VFW float.

Next Meeting: 11 June 2015

Closed in due form Time Closed: 19:01
W. A Marker, Post Adjutant