Post Minutes March 2015


Date Meeting held: 12 March 2015
Location of Meeting: Post 12108
Opened in due form Time opened: 18:05
Members present: 17 Guests present: 0

Roll Call of Officers, elected appointed
Commander, George Wehrly X Adjutant, Bill Marker X
Sr. Vice Commander, Mike Watkins X Service Officer, John Holden E
Jr. Vice Commander, Russell Osmun E OOD, Bill Davis E
Quartermaster, Richard Gardner X Judge Advocate, Karl Olsen X
Chaplain, CJ Veach X Surgeon, Dan Sanders X

Trustee 1 year, Dave Carlin X
Trustee 2 year, Bob Mitchell E
Trustee 3 year, Joe Moorehead E
X = Present E = Excused

A quorum was present at the start of the meeting.
Applications for Membership Approved:

1. Donald Beaton.

Quartermaster Report:

Old Balance: $4,605.45 New Balance: $7,327.92
Old Business:

1. Post Officer Nominations: Members agreed to keep all Officers in current positions with the exception of the Trustees, Trustee Dave Carlin agreed to rotate to three year position, Trustee Bob Mitchell will rotate to one year position and Trustee Joe Moorehead will rotate to two year position.
2. Karl Olsen reported that he is still working on getting permit for Poker Run.
3. Commodities Distribution will be 13 March, 12 noon at the Hilltop Church. Volunteers are asked to show up at 11:45 AM.
New Business:

1. Ammo raffle ticket sales are going slow, Karl asked for help from the membership to come up with some ideas on how we can sell them faster.
2. Post solicited volunteers to set up a recruiting booth during Goldfield Day, first weekend in August.
3. Motion passed to support another Schwann’s fund drive at the Post.

Good of the Order:

1. It is with great regret I inform you our beloved Ladies Auxiliary President Pam Davis has passed away, may she
Rest in Peace. Post flag will be flown at half-mast in her honor. Members agreed to issue $100 from relief fund
to Bill Davis for expenses.
2. Fred and Sara Willis donated $160 they received from recycled materials from Roy Eds property. Fred thanked
all the volunteers who helped in the cleanup of the property.
3. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Amargosa VFW Commander Charlie Bagley who is recovering from a
Broken hip, also Butch Curtis, who is recovering from a broken hip, and Lou from Lou’s Hardware who was in
The hospital due to complication’s with COPD.

Next Meeting: 9 April 2015

Closed in due form Time Closed: 18:48
W. A Marker, Post Adjutant