Post Minutes June 2015


Date Meeting held: 11 June 2015
Location of Meeting: Post 12108
Opened in due form Time opened: 18:05
Members present: 19 Guests present: 0

Roll Call of Officers, elected appointed
Commander, George Wehrly X Adjutant, Bill Marker X
Sr. Vice Commander, Mike Watkins X Service Officer, John Holden E
Jr. Vice Commander, Russell Osmun X OOD, Bill Davis X
Quartermaster, Richard Gardner X Judge Advocate, Karl Olsen E
Chaplain, CJ Veach X Surgeon, Dan Sanders X

Trustee 1 year, Bob Mitchell X
Trustee 2 year, Joe Moorehead X
Trustee 3 year, Dave Carlin X
X = Present E = Excused

A quorum was present at the start of the meeting.
Applications for Membership Approved:

1. Lewis Edwards.
2. Mike Gokey.
3. Eric Roberson.
Quartermaster Report:

Old Balance: $7,519.06 New Balance: $9,478.64
Old Business:

1. Poker Run update: Karl talked to Lorraine about getting the cheerleaders to serve food again this year. Post handed out Poker Run fliers to members that live in Vegas to advertise event in Vegas.
2. Flag Retirement/Disposal Ceremony 14 June 18:00, Beatty Cemetery, participants are asked to show up at 17:00, will have past year’s flag ashes burial ceremony following Retirement/Disposal Ceremony.
3. Goldfield Days update: We have jokey box, needs tested before Goldfield days. We have $25 beer/booze permit, and paid $15 for power. Plan is to set up on Thursday, 30 July. Event is 31 July-2 August, will need volunteers to help all weekend. Need smaller sand bags for tie downs.
New Business:

1. Motion passed to donate $100 to Beatty Volunteer Fire Dept. for use during 4th of July Celebration.
2. Dick attended VFW State Convention opening day and received Post certificates for % 111 memberships, and Outstanding Service in Americanism.
Good of the Order:

1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dick Ruiz, his son recently passed.

Next Meeting: 9 July 2015

Closed in due form Time Closed: 18:47
W. A Marker, Post Adjutant