Post Minutes July 2015


Date Meeting held: 9 July 2015
Location of Meeting: Post 12108
Opened in due form Time opened: 18:07
Members present: 14 Guests present: 1

Roll Call of Officers, elected appointed
Commander, George Wehrly X Adjutant, Bill Marker X
Sr. Vice Commander, Mike Watkins X Service Officer, John Holden E
Jr. Vice Commander, Russell Osmun E OOD, Bill Davis X
Quartermaster, Richard Gardner X Judge Advocate, Karl Olsen X
Chaplain, CJ Veach X Surgeon, Dan Sanders X

Trustee 1 year, Bob Mitchell X
Trustee 2 year, Joe Moorehead X
Trustee 3 year, Dave Carlin X
X = Present E = Excused

A quorum was present at the start of the meeting.

Guest Present: John Alger, Amargosa VFW, John addressed membership concerning the pig he is preparing for the Poker Run.

Applications for Membership Approved:

1. Charles Thormahlen.
2. Herman Forsythe (transfer).

Quartermaster Report:

Old Balance: $9,478.64 New Balance: $8,542.14

Old Business:

1. Poker Run update: Angelo doing a great job advertising event via internet.
2. 115 Flags retired at Retirement/Disposal Ceremony 14 June.
3. Goldfield Days update: Karl has check off list for event; plan is to set up Friday morning vice Thursday. Still need to nail down how much Bud & Bud Lite to bring. Karl tasked with securing ice distributor in Tonopah for event. Dick is also getting ice from Senior Center for event.

New Business:

1. Members present agreed to sponsor the Desert Knights of America Motorcycle Club (DKMC) “48 For 22 Ride”. DKMC is doing ride to raise awareness about PTSD and are scheduled to be at Post Thursday evening 24 September 2015.
2. Post is scheduled to host VFW Nevada Dist. 5 meeting 15 August, Lunch 12 noon, Fried Rice & Teriyaki Chicken prepared by George.
3. Dick is applying for funds to help refurbish the Post steeple; he is applying at town board meeting for highway beautification funds that are offered to businesses upgrading their appearance in the community. To start the project we are scheduling a working party Saturday, 18 July 07:00 at the Post to take out the old slats and dismantle decking around the steeple. Please come and show your support if possible.
4. Motion passed to purchase a Point of Sale (POS) system for the Post for $3,100.80. Members agreed buy system from United Standard POS, and lease through Fidelity Leasing.

Good of the Order:

1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lamar Walters battling pneumonia, Lou (Lou’s Hardware) hospitalized for COPD complications, Ande (Anderson) currently hospitalized, Charley Bagley battling cancer, Cole Allen and Pat Teague who both recently passed.
2. Beatty VFW float won 3rd place for float entered in 4th of July parade.
3. If approached by “Kid’s for Vets” organization, do not donate. Organization is not legit.
4. On August 15th the Happy Burro will be hosting their annual Volunteer Appreciation Day in Cottonwood Park. Karl volunteered to attend 20 July, 4:00 PM, planning meeting at the Happy Burro.
5. Members present agreed to sponsor Pauls’ Birthday party at the Post 17 July, 16:00.
Next Meeting: 13 August 2015

Closed in due form Time Closed: 19:13
W. A Marker, Post Adjutant