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What a deal… Every Sunday, we now have Cheeseburgers or a Hot Dog and a Draft Beer for $5.00 . What a deal… Any time after 12 p.m. till 4 p.m. Stop by and enjoy. Sometimes there is a bonus add-on e.g. slaw, potato salad, beans, or ?? You’ll never know unless you come. 🙂

Post Minutes February 2015


Date Meeting held: 12 February 2015
Location of Meeting: Post 12108
Opened in due form Time opened: 18:06
Members present: 11 Guests present: 0

Roll Call of Officers, elected appointed
Commander, George Wehrly X Adjutant, Bill Marker X
Sr. Vice Commander, Mike Watkins E Service Officer, John Holden E
Jr. Vice Commander, Russell Osmun E OOD, Bill Davis E
Quartermaster, Richard Gardner X Judge Advocate, Karl Olsen E
Chaplain, CJ Veach X Surgeon, Dan Sanders E

Trustee 1 year, Dave Carlin E
Trustee 2 year, Bob Mitchell E
Trustee 3 year, Joe Moorehead E
X = Present E = Excused

A quorum was present at the start of the meeting.

Applications for Membership Approved:

1. Reginald Palm
2. Clarence Russell
Quartermaster Report:

Old Balance: $6,016.40 New Balance: $4,605.45
Old Business:

1. Need representation at District 5 meeting 21 February Post 12093 Las Vegas.
New Business:

1. Motion Passed to reimburse gas/expenses to Dick or whoever makes supply/bank runs to town. Due to high volume of cash turnover and no Bank in town, Dick will need to make weekly bank deposit runs to Vegas.
2. Motion passed to sell Hot Dog Cart to Rlo Lee for $3,000 cash.
3. Motion passed to donate $200 to the Beatty Middle School Girls basketball team in support of lodging and food costs for trip to Tonopah tournament. Ladies Auxiliary donated $50. Total donated $250.
4. House Committee agreed to bring in a pool table to meeting area, members agreed we must have a way to move table for special events. Post is looking for a pool table jack/dolly we can get cheap or donated.
5. House Committee agreed to serve Hamburgers/Hotdogs on Sundays all year long, Hamburger or Hotdog, bag of chips, and one draft beer (draft beer only) for $5.00. Committee also agreed to start serving a monthly meal on the 2nd weekend of month, meal preparation to alternate between Ladies Aux and the Post.

Good of the Order:

1. Ladies Aux President Pam Davis admitted to Valley Hospital, testing ongoing, nothing firm yet.
2. Post was awarded credit for Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen entry at Mid-Winter Conference.
3. Post Commander praised members who volunteered at recent Boy Scout Jamboree, and encouraged Post members to get more involved next year and show our support.
4. Post Adjutant read letter from Fred & Sara Willis requesting help from members cleaning up property at 400 South 1st St.
Next Meeting: 12 March 2015

Closed in due form Time Closed: 19:02
W. A Marker, Post Adjutant

Post History

In late 2010 – early 2011 an effort was started to establish a VFW Post in Beatty. With 36 members we were granted a charter in May 2011. The name of the new Post would be John Strozzi Post #12108, Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sargent Strozzi was a Beatty resident killed in WWII. Many of his kin still live in the Beatty locality. Our first organizing meetings were held at the Happy Burro under the guidance of Jerry Chamlee,the State Commander at the time. We elected George Wehrly as our first Post Commander. Our first meetings were at the Beatty Community Center. Shortly after we started an Auxiliary for the ladies.
In May we contracted to buy an old church being used as a private residence. The beauty of the old church was it was built Ryolite in 1905. Somewhere between 1915 and 1926, it was torn down and rebuilt at its present location. Demo lasted about 3 months. We have installed new water, sewer, electrical and heating and cooling. We opened the Canteen in late October 2013. After opening the Canteen we immediately started working on the Meeting room. All the work culminated on August 1 2014 when our Post was dedicated by the Commander in Chief of The Veterans of Foreign Wars, John Stroud.
We still have to build the kitchen, a walk in cooler and redo the steeple( after the last year and a quarter, not a problem)       UnitedWeStand